Ship Rogue-Like: Events and Results

Ship Rogue-Like (SRL) contains different stages you must in order to reach the next one, as the stages go on, the game increases in speed and difficulty. During the stage one, there are seven scripted encounters for this stage, all of which are pre-determined. For later stages encounters are randomized such that every play through is different….READ MORE

Ship Rogue-Like: Weapons

Ship Rogue-Like (SRL) follows an open-world concept, where you as the main player, have the opportunity to freely and lavishly explore a vast universe. However, you are also destined to encounter various enemies. Upon encountering, you must continuously upgrade your ship so it becomes powerful enough to easily destroy your enemies…READ MORE

Ship Rogue-Like: A Chance Encounter 

The first stage of the game, although challenging, proceeds with a playful almost wry pace. Charlie learns the controls of SAM, while avoiding enemy ships, debris, and finding initial power ups and components to upgrade the space ship. As the level progresses, waves of increasingly tenacious enemy space ships and asteroids threaten to damage SAM. It is only through the quick decision making of Charlie that SAM is initially able to survive….READ MORE

Ship Rogue-Like: Small parts of the big Picture

Ships are incredible complex machines that take many small parts to come together and form a magnificent machine — in Ship Rogue-Like (SRL), every ship is made of components. SRL is an innovative space combat simulator, your character Charlie and your Artificially Intelligent ship, SAM are destined for many adventures and these components allow for your ship to function smoothly…READ MORE

Ship Rogue Like: A Couple of Enemies

Ship Rogue-Like (SRL) is an open-world space explorer where a player pilots a ship, escaping the Empire. In fact, the goal is to disable, or hamper the Empire. We have been hard at work on SAM and Charlie, and have also developed a couple of first enemies! Of course, as the galaxy is procedurally generated, details like weapons used, colours, speed, and even behaviour may change upon every play! Both of these are scouts for the Empire:…READ MORE

Ship Rogue-Like: Disrupting The Six Prongs of the Empire

In SRL you are being endlessly hunted by the Empire. You play as Charlie, who pilots a stolen a ship, a very special ship, which can not only upgrade itself using scrap metal, but can imbue drones and lifeless circuitry with artificially intelligent routines. In fact, the core gameplay in SRL is the finding of resources for upgrades, and the creation of little helpers to explore the galaxy with you…READ MORE